When Dimple Met Rishi

By Sandhya Menon


5 ★ – Irresistibly Adorkable, Fun and Heartwarming
Published by Simon Pulse May 30, 2017
Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: Hardcover 380
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I absolutely without a doubt… none whatsoever ADORED and ENJOYED reading WDMR from beginning to end. From the first time Dimple Met Rishi to the very last page – I seriously could not stop swooning and smiling. And if you didn’t know, I have a weakness for stories that can make me feel all the FEELS! Dimple and Rishi are the cutest dorks and just so perfect together. They’re seriously my new favorite OTPs. It was so fun and entertaining seeing them work out their feelings for each other and Rishi is just the best hopeless romantic there is.


Sandhya Menon’s debut novel exceeded my expectations – it’s just that awesome. This book has everything and more that I look for in a YA contemporary romance: Romantic in the sweet cutesy way (Swooning like an idiot the entire time), cheesy in all the right moments (yes some were pretty mushy – but it freaking worked for me and I loved it!), hilarious with so many laugh out loud moments (Gosh, I love it when a book can make me laugh don’t you?), great characters who are easily relatable (I saw little pieces of high school me in Dimple, Rishi and Celia), and just an overall beautiful story with a lot of love and heart that will stay with you forever (Be warned! There will be some tears – and when you get to the last few chapters and think about the story as a whole – you’ll be in utter amazement).

I was practically in a nostalgic bliss walking down memory lane and remembering my own real life love stories as I read WDMR. Menon’s fantastic storytelling and writing make readers feel that thrill and excitement of falling in love, the butterflies and tingly feeling of having your first kiss, and that overwhelming happiness you feel when you’re with the person you love. But When Dimple Met Rishi is so much more than a fun cute rom-com about first love. Through Dimple and Rishi’s story, Menon also does a wonderful job exploring the Indian culture, family expectations and values, friendships, self-discovery, and what it means to forge your own path and follow your dreams — because “No matter what life, family, gender, or situation you are born into, it is still 100% up to you to decide how to live your life.” WDMR is full of hope, inspiration, empowerment and so many other life lessons. I can keep talking about all the good things in this book and go on and on and on about my favorite parts (and I have sooo many), but I don’t want to ruin the experience for you. Just trust me on this… you need to read WDMR times infinity and beyond.


Oh and one more thing… Menon totally nailed that ending! She wraps up the story so beautifully without leaving out that quirky humor I’ve fallen in love with. I’m so happy Dimple and Rishi’s story came into my life. This book is definitely one of my favorite reads ever and it’s hand down just bursting with so much awesomeness — So don’t even try to argue with me because I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with this book. I cannot find enough words to express all the LOVE I have for Dimple and Rishi. Thank you Sandhya Menon for writing this gem! I can’t wait to read whatever you write next.

Side Note: I was really lucky that I was able to grab an ARC during Yallwest from Riveted booth and meet Sandhya Menon. (She’s super adorable and so sweet). Receiving this ARC for free did not influence my review by any means. I actually pre-ordered the book from because I wanted to get the preorder gifts and of course, support the author.

Sincerely Karen Jo

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