Halloween at Disneyland

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As for me, I had a blast on Saturday when I went to Disneyland and California Adventure with my boyfriend. I absolutely LOVE Disneyland and have been more than 10 times this year already (but I really wish I can go almost every week). I love meeting the characters even though I still get kind of weird and awkward. I love the decorations, the shows, the parades and yeah I just LOVE  it there.  Oh and for some reason, Disney churros are just the BEST!!! Anyway, I thought I’d share some photos and highlights from Halloween at Disneyland.

We kind of woke up late and there was so much traffic getting out of the LA area. It took us almost an hour just to get to Disneyland. Sooo what do you do when you’re stuck in traffic?!?!? You selfie while you’re hair and make-up hasn’t melted off from the heat. (It’s mid October already and it still feels like summer here… I need my fall weather already!!!)


I was planning on Disney bounding as Princess Jasmine with this really fun skirt my friend made me, but I gained a little weight and the skirt was a bit too tight for comfort. Sooo I ended up just wearing the Princess Jasmine Minnie Ears, shirt and leggings.


There were so many people and it was so much hotter than I expected. We waited in line to get in for about 20 -30 mins. It was taking forever because they were taking pics of guests by the entrance. I wish they would have separate lines for Annual Pass holders so we can get in faster.


Waited 20 mins for this pic and I stood on the wrong side haha. I’m usually on the left side of my boyfriend when we take pics. It’s my good angle LOL.


My Autograph book is almost full… Oh and I’ve gotten hers multiple times too. LOL



Minnie and I are total besties!



I love Pluto. He’s so fun. He had a purple Dracula collar for his Halloween costume, but you can’t really see.


First time meeting Jafar. He was telling all the guest to kiss his hands, but I didn’t want to lol. Instead I asked him to kiss mines and he did haha. He took forever signing my autograph book because he crossed out all the princesses.





Love seeing Mickey! I was surprised they didn’t have any photographers for the characters that day. Usually they do and at the very least Mickey would have one. One of the employees mentioned being understaffed, but when we headed to California Adventure the characters there had photographers. So weird and I really wanted to use my Photopass at Disneyland.


Donald Duck is the cutest ever and I love his costume! Every time I see him, he’s always so playful and fun. Not that the characters aren’t, but sometimes you get some that would just pose for the pics and not really interact. Donald always does!


Hugs for one of our favorite Disney Characters!!


I was not ready for this picture. See what happens when they don’t have photographers… I get awkward looking pics… But just look how adorable Donald is!!!



Yup Donald is always Number #1. He’s done this pose a few times with me.

Queen of Hearts is a lot of fun too. This is the second time I’ve taken pictures/interacted with her. She was telling the guests to bow/curtsy and when it was my turn, I did my best curtsy (sadly my boyfriend didn’t get to take a pic). She clapped and gave me a hug haha.



The last time I met Queen of Hearts was 5 years ago and I had on a Minnie Ears and she wanted me to take it off. That time she acted like she would step on it. Villains are definitely fun characters to meet at Disneyland. Cruella De Vil and Dr. Facilier are awesome too!


Goofy’s costume is so awesome!!!




Finally got to see Moana!!!! This was one of the highlights of that day. Been trying to get her for a while now and I always miss her or she’s not at the park when I’m there.



There was only one photographer taking pics by the castle… Usually there are about 2-3. Sooo boyfriend and I didn’t get to do our castle pic together.


Bye Disneyland!!!


Heading to California Adventure!


And for the first time ever, California Adventure got a Halloween makeover!


Donald has just the best costumes! Look at him at California Adventure! Sooo adorable.


Donald gave me a thumbs up for my outfit, so I of course I had to give him one too!




I LOVE Donald!!! He’s sooo stinkin’ cute!


Of course I had to see Mickey and Minnie!




Cars Land had awesome Halloween decos. It was super crowded though and the boyfriend and I were getting tired already so we only walked around for a bit.



How cool are these cones right here!?!?


Stopped by to my favorite sisters, Anna and Elsa, before calling it a night and going home. We were only there for 7ish hours, but it was so tiring.




Bye California Adventure!!!!


Wanted to take a pic over here but the line was sooo long… Maybe next time.

Are any of you Disney addicts? Any Disneyland Annual Pass Holders? My boyfriend is getting sick of Disneyland already, but he still goes. LOL. He does have a limit. The usual is 4-5 hours and one park a day, but he made an exception for this trip since I wanted to see Halloween in both parks. Best boyfriend everrrr!

Well that’s my Halloween trip to Disneyland and California Adventure. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Sincere Karen Jo


20 thoughts on “Halloween at Disneyland

    • I want to go to Disney World! My family and I took a trip to Orlando when I was 12, but my mom decided to skip Disney World since she said it’s the same as Disneyland. We only went to Epcot and Animal Kingdom and the Universal theme parks.

      I’m trying to get pics and autographs from all of the Disney characters. =)

      Love the Halloween costumes and when they dress up for the Holidays too.


    • Yay! One of the things on my bucket lists is to visit all the Disney Parks… I’ve only been to Disneyland, California Adventure, Epcot and Magic Kingdom. My mom said Disneyworld is pretty much the same as Disneyland so when we were in Orlando we skipped it… 12 year old me was soo sad! haha I’m glad you had a great time! =)

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