Book Spotlight and Excerpt Reveal – Waiting in the Water by Anne Stryker


Hello loves! Today, I have a book spotlight and excerpt reveal for Waiting in the Water by Anne Stryker. This book is part of a beautiful book set, Kingdom of Salt and Sirens: A Limited Edition of Little Mermaid Retellings (Kingdom of Fairytales Book 2), which is now available for preorder on Amazon.




The Little Mermaid but not as you remember it…

Beneath the turbulent seas, beyond the smoky depths, lies a Kingdom that exists in your wildest imagination. A world where mermaids swim, sirens sing and shipwrecks hide mysterious creatures.

Make waves with our 11 magical retellings of the timeless classic, The Little Mermaid.

Dive into a world filled with adventure, love and magic!

Book Set Print Length: 1301 pages

Publication Date: March 5, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC



 “Come to the water.” A voice dripped into her mind, and her eyes flashed open, head turning to see if anyone were near. No one. “The water will wash it all away,” the voice added.

“Who’s there?” she choked, scrubbing her cheeks, because if her mother had taught her anything–never let anyone see you cry.

“A friend.”

Something tugged on her chest, as if all her dark thoughts had created a rope between her and the ocean. It pulled her forward, and she leaned back, dread overcoming anxiety. Panic clutched her in a different way once she lost control of her legs.

The water drew closer with every stiff step, and blood rushed from her cheeks as her whole body went cold. Cool liquid ran over her toes.

After a blink, the storm surrounded her. She stood on the water in the middle of the tempest, her heart echoing the raging booms of thunder. Lightning sparked through the swirling masses of dark clouds, and she gasped in a breath. Eyes wide, her gaze soaked in the scene around her as her breaths shortened. Her fingers worked quickly to clasp the necklace around her neck, because she couldn’t help feeling it would be the only thing that could save her now.

The water bubbled in front of her at her feet, and a man with tentacles instead of legs rose from the ebony pool. Water skimmed off his grey skin as his lower half writhed, flicking this way and that along the surface of the churning waves. When Wyre had risen fully to her height, his lips parted in a pointed, white smile that froze her blood. “Hello, Asaria.” His voice slipped from his lips smoothly, like an ink blot that steadily grew. “What’s troubled you this evening?”

Fear chained her in place, turning her mouth dry.

“Now, no need to answer. I already know.” He crept along the water’s surface, circling her, and she let her gaze follow him though she didn’t dare move her feet. “You feel like you don’t belong. And you’re right, you know. You never belonged on the land.”

“How can you know something like that?” she spat the words but feared they left her mouth as little more than a squeak. She’d only touched the idea of magic this morning, and now she was in the center of it before her mind could catch up.

Wyre chuckled. “I could tell from the moment I saw you.” He leaned close in front of her, a slimy appendage tilting her chin up. His eyes flicked down to her shell necklace, and she clapped a hand over it. His lips stretched with humor at the motion. “I’m not going to hurt you. I want to help you.”

“It didn’t feel that way when you nearly drowned me this afternoon.”

Lightning glinted across his teeth, and she bit her tongue. She had to remember to exhale. Inhale and exhale. Count down from ten.





Anne Stryker is a romance author who loves animals and fantasy. Somehow she finds a way to incorporate both into her stories in one way or another more often than not. Adventure, twists, and magic lie within every page of her works, and she invites you to join her on the expeditions–and exploits–of several lifetimes.




Hope you enjoyed reading!

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Bookspotlight and Excerpt Reveal- Titus Fogg by Aaron Piper



Hello wonderful bookish friends! Today, I have an Excerpt Reveal for Titus Fogg by Aaron Piper. I hope you enjoy reading and add this book on your TBR!




Independently Published: July 25th 2018

Genre(s): Fantasy

Pages: Paperback 452 and Kindle Edition 328




Titus Fogg hates magic, and with good reason. Born into a murderous family of cruel and powerful casters in modern Massachusetts, magic has contributed to every bad thing that has happened to him since birth. After finally managing to banish the most likely evil (but definitely dirty-minded) entity called Shade from his body to the sidelines as his shadow, Titus has the chance to have a normal, magic free, high school life. But, when Tess Roe, his classmate, neighbor and model of justice at their school realizes she can see the creatures Titus calls the Wyrd too, Titus must return to the world of the strange to help her. Soon Titus’s dark past comes to light as he must prove that he isn’t responsible for the death of one of Tess’s friends, and the theft of a magical book that could lead to the destruction of Arkham.




When I read the synopsis for this book, I honestly got really excited. Magic, adventure, good vs. evil, a possible romance and did I already say magic? Of course I didn’t hesistate on emailing Aaron back and letting him know that I would be more than happy to read his book in exchange for an honest review. This book/series sounds like it’s going to be an amazingly thrilling and addicting read. I really cannot wait until next year to dive into this. divider4


The leafy sound receded until there was only the sound of Titus’s racing heart in her ears. Titus hadn’t taken his eyes off the scene behind her. She had to look. She had to see Dr. Armitage. She started to fight against his hold, but Titus pulled her away.

“Come on, Tess, we have to go.” He yanked her hand hard as he tried to pull her away. She struggled.

Titus, we can’t leave, we have to help him!”

“He’s gone, Tess,” Titus said, grabbing her waist and guiding her away. She spun and tried to stop Titus, but what she saw stopped her instead.

The old man, with his caterpillar eyebrows, kind eyes, and warm smile was gone. Where he should have been was a twisted, cruel-looking mass of thorns. The bush filled the entrance to the hall, letting only thin rays of red light slip through its tangled mass. At the center was a single flower, unlike anything she had seen before.

“No!” Tess said. It couldn’t be true. She had to go back and see for herself. Maybe he was on the other side of the plant. She tried to push Titus out of the way, but his arm latched around her waist and all but hoisted her off the ground, dragging her back to the main lobby. “Let go of me, Titus. Let go!”

“Tess, we have to leave. We can’t be here when…Faex.”

Tess wasn’t sure what that meant, but she stopped struggling against Titus and straightened. He released her and stepped back, raising his arms over his head. He turned to her and spoke quietly.

“Don’t resist and everything will be fine, okay?”

Tess turned steadily.

The room filled with figures. Each was clad in black military armor. Red lights shined from the tops of their weapons. Tess was certain she had dozens of small red dots covering her body.

Ever so carefully, she raised her hands.




Aaron Piper grew up in farmlands of Ohio, reading anything he could get his hands on, in lieu of normal social interaction. When he complained one too many times about books he didn’t like, someone finally told him, “If you think you can do better, why don’t you write a book?” Many years and a minor in English from Ohio University later, he finished his first novel, Titus Fogg.  Currently, he lives in southern Indiana with his wife and daughter and have worked as a photographer and journalist for more than ten years.





Hope you enjoyed reading the exclusive excerpt for Titus Fogg. Don’t forget to add this book on your TBR.