Breaking The Rules of Revenge

Samantha Bohrman


5 ★ – A Fun Summer Camp Romance
Mallory Jones is tired of being the girl who stays home and practices French horn while her identical twin, Blake, is crowned homecoming queen. So when she has the opportunity to pretend to be Blake, she takes it. At Camp Pine Ridge, she will spread her wings and emerge a butterfly. Or at least someone who finally gets kissed by a cute guy. That is, until bad boy Ben Iron Cloud shows up, ready to get revenge on Blake—aka Mallory.

If it weren’t for that infuriating girl, Ben wouldn’t even be at camp. Luckily, he now has six weeks to soak up some rays and get even with his nemesis. But the more time he spends with Blake, the more he realizes she’s nothing like the girl he thought she was—she’s kind and innocent and suddenly way too tempting. And soon enough, revenge is the last thing on his mind. Unfortunately, the girl he’s falling for is keeping a major secret…

Romance is my absolute favorite… there’s just something addicting with books that make my heart skip a beat and leave me feeling happy. Breaking the Rules of Revenge by Samantha Bohrman definitely did that and more. It’s a fun sweet story about first love, but it also delivers a great message about self-discovery, honesty and forgiveness.

The writing in this book is fantastic and easy to read. The plot, while a bit predictable at times, is fast-paced, engaging, and so much fun! As a teen, I’ve always wanted to go to summer camp ever since I watched Bug Juice on the Disney Channel. Gosh.. I don’t even know if anyone still remembers that show, but this book brought me back to those days… And it’s absolutely the best feeling ever! I loved every moment and I honestly could not stop reading. (Bug Juice is a reality show about teens in summer camp and I just read that it’s actually being revived in 2018 just in case you wanted to know).

I thought Bohrman did a such great job creating genuine and relatable characters. They acted their age — teenagers just trying to figure out who they are and learn from their mistakes. Mallory is shy and a bit insecure. She’s always overshadowed by her popular twin sister, Blake, and I just felt for her. Ben comes off as the “bad guy,” but you learn that he’s actually quite charming, sweet, and kind. George is just delightful! I loved his quirky personality. And Blake…she’s everything Mallory wants to be — beautiful, confident, and popular. But underneath all that, Blake is still just a teenager with her own insecurities. At one point of another, I’ve been a Mallory, envied a Blake, had a friend like George, and crushed on someone like Ben. They’re just so real and I absolutely adored them.

I also really enjoyed the dual POVs between Mallory and Ben. It was interesting to read how they saw each other and how they dealt with their growing attraction. I honestly just wanted to squeeze the both them… Mallory and Ben are just so cute together. Their chemistry had me smiling the entire time and I loved watching their relationship develop into something more. From pranking each other to calling truce and being friends and to almost kissing and actually kissing, I swooned over and over. This is why I’m forever a romance junkie… I love feeling giddy, and happy, and getting those butterflies in my stomach.

This book is charming in so many ways and I just love it to pieces! If you’re looking for something quick, light and sweet, then I definitely recommend you pick this up.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I recently finished reading Breaking the Rules of Revenge by Samantha Bohrman and Summoner by S.D. Grimm. Both are very different, but the romance was cute and swoony. Easy quick reads that you can finish in a day or so. I really enjoyed reading these and should have a review up this weekend.


I’m current reading This Body Won’t Break by Lea Mckee, Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel and Kalifus Rising by Alane Adams. I’m more than halfway done with This Body Won’t Break and really enjoying it. It’s not very long so I’ll be able to finish that today. It’s good to be back in Orkney with Kalifus Rising and Black Bird of the Gallows is pretty interesting so far.


I’m planning on reading The Raven God by Alane Adams, Boomerang Boyfriend by Chris Cannon, and Fraternize by Rachel Van Dyken.

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