ARC Review – The QB Bad Boy and Me by Tay Marley





Publication Date: August 13, 2019

Publisher: Wattpad Books

Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction

Format: Paperback, 416 pages





Everything changed the day Drayton Lahey crashed into Dallas’s life…

Dallas Bryan is a no-nonsense cheerleader who has her sights set on a dance scholarship to CalArts. Drayton Lahey is the bad-boy quarterback from football royalty who’s completely wrong for her—at least, that’s what she tells herself. The longer Dallas tells herself she doesn’t need Dray, the quicker she realizes it might be time to forget what she needs and go after what she wants.




Irresistibly Charming, Hilarious and Heartwarming 


The QB Bad Boy and Me by Tay Marley is an adorable, funny, and heartwarming YA contemporary romance. I loved every moment until the very end and cannot stop swooning over Drayton and Dallas.

So absolutely smitten with this book! It’s such a cute teen romance perfect for anyone looking for that wonderfully sweet make your heart skip a beat feeling of being young and in love for the first time. The plot is simple and quite predictable – a popular quarterback and sassy cheerleader falling for each other in their last year of high school as they both deal with choosing a college, family drama, and new experiences. I’ve read many books with similar storylines, but this honestly caught me off guard. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do and become so addicted to the story and characters that I never wanted it to end. I enjoyed the humor, the friendships, the family dynamics, the serious parts, the endearing moments, and every single scene that managed to touch my heart. Marley penned a fantastic love story that’s not only charming and fun, but also effortlessly believable, relatable, and affecting. This book had me enthralled from start to finish and I loved it all.

I love the characters in this book. They’re likable, interesting, and just wonderful on their own ways. Gabby and Josh are so precious together and such great friends to Dallas and Drayton. I liked their romance too. It’s cute and swoony. I love that Gabby is a hopeless romantic. Definitely saw a little bit of myself in her. I’m not too fond of Nathan, but I don’t dislike him.

Dallas and Drayton are made for each other and I wholeheartedly cheered them on! They’re both such strong, independent and quite stubborn individuals, but I love that deep down, they’re actually very sweet, caring, and loving people. Dallas is my kind of girl – she’s fierce, determined, and not afraid to say what’s on her mind. Drayton is such a softie at heart. I love how protective he can be… even though he is a bit too much sometimes, his intentions are good. I love them as they are and totally adore them as a couple. Their chemistry is absolutely delicious and filled with moments that have all the FEELS. The sexual tension between them is wild and undeniably palpable. I loved their playful bantering, their flirting, their sarcasm, and their sense of humor. Their relationship is just so amazing and had me swooning the entire time. It’s realistic, relatable and feels genuine. I definitely have a new favorite OTP and Drayton and Dallas are just so darn perfect and cute together.

This story is irresistibly charming, well-written, and refreshing. There are quite a few cheesy moments and some that are a bit cliched, but I’m not complaining. I smiled, laughed, swooned, and even cried a little. The characters are likable, the plot is engaging and emotional, and the romance is utterly swoon-worthy and adorable. I really love this book and if I could change anything at all, I wouldn’t… well, except maybe doing a dual POV. I just really want to get into Drayton’s head and know everything he’s thinking and feeling.

This book is so good and I’m definitely excited to read more from Tay Marley. I wasn’t familiar with this story when it was on Wattpad, but The QB Bad Boy and Me has stolen a piece of my heart. It’s truly a delightful, entertaining, and touching read and I cannot recommend it enough.

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. All thoughts, feels and swoons are my own.


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Tay Marley wears many hats: bibliophile, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and featured Wattpad author. Her whirlwind journey on Wattpad began in 2017 and led to one hundred thousand dedicated followers, a five-part series, and three stand-alone books, including her breakout story, The QB Bad Boy and Me, which have amassed over forty-one million reads. She resides in New Zealand with her husband. When she isn’t writing about confident women and their love interests, she’s teaching her three small children how to be the leads in their own epic tales.






Hope you enjoyed reading my review and get the chance to swoon and fall in love with Drayton and Dallas.

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ARC Review – The Plus One by Sarah Archer


Hello bookish friends and Happy Friday! Today, I’ll be sharing my review for THE PLUS ONE  by Sarah Archer.

A hilarious and heartwarming debut novel about a brilliant but socially inept robotics engineer who builds her own wedding date to her sister’s wedding, and learns more about love than she ever expected.




Published: July 2nd 2019

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance, Women’s Fiction

Format: Kindle Edition, 352 pages





Meet Kelly. Twenty-nine, valedictorian, and a brilliant robotics engineer to boot. While her professional life is on the rise, her personal life is struggling to get off the ground.

With her sister’s wedding looming and her attempts to find a date becoming increasingly cringe-worthy, Kelly does the only logical thing: she builds her own boyfriend, if only to get her mom off her back about being perpetually single. Kelly planned to pass off her robotic masterpiece, Ethan, as her other half just until the wedding. But then she can’t resist keeping him around even after the “I do’s.”

Ethan is just too perfect–gorgeous, attentive, smart (he does have Google for a brain), all topped off by a mechanical heart endlessly devoted to her. When Kelly is with him, she becomes a more confident, spontaneous version of herself. Plus, for the first time, her mother is actually proud of her.

But as the struggle to keep Ethan’s true identity a secret threatens to detonate the career Kelly has worked so hard for, she knows she has to kiss her toy boy goodbye.

There’s just one problem: she’s falling for him.



A Lighthearted, Quirky and Fun Rom-Com

3halfhearts (1)

The Plus One by Sara Archer will delight sci-fi and romance fans looking for something quirky, charming, and funny.

This is one of those books that I wanted to DNF, but I didn’t because I was incredibly curious to see how the story would play out. And, I can tell you now that I’m glad I did. The story isn’t original or super exciting and there are some tidbits I didn’t like, but… I thought the story is quite entertaining, insightful and touching.

I love sci-fi and romance so I was really intrigued by this book. I didn’t love everything, but I like concept, the humor, the family drama, and the romance. There are lighthearted and amusing scenes that made me smile and some moments are wonderfully bittersweet. The romance part is definitely unrealistic, a bit awkward and weird, and a little cringy at times, but there’s something endearing about it too. The characters are all right and likable enough for me to care. Kelly frustrated me quite a bit with her unpleasant personality, but I felt for her and just wanted her to be happy. Ethan is an interesting love interest and while I’m not swooning over him, he has a few adorable moments. The conclusion is just okay for me and I wanted something MORE, but overall I feel like it’s a good ending.

A lighthearted and fun summer read, The Plus One is an enjoyable and intriguing story. While this book didn’t completely dazzle me, all in all, I’m quite satisfied with the way Archer explores the importance of self-worth, acceptance, relationships, and love. It’s an entertaining debut novel that I’m sure plenty of readers will like and enjoy.

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.divider4



Sarah Archer’s writing has been produced for Comedy Central and published in numerous literary magazines. She has worked in literary management and film and television development on projects including House, Concussion, Roots, and Girls Trip. The Plus One is her debut novel.




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