Favorite Quotes Fridays


Hello Bookish friends! Time for another  Favorite Quotes Fridays, which is a weekly segment that features 2-3 of my favorite quotes from a book I’ve read and loved. For my pick this week, I’m choosing a book series that absolutely drove me crazy… but in a good way. I always say I have love/hate relationship with this series because I remember feeling so frustrated I wanted to throw a tantrum and scream, but at the same time I could not stop reading.






Tada!! The Selection Series by Kiera Cass made me FEEL SO MUCH and at the end of it all… I really enjoyed and had fun. Maxon… where do I even begin. He’s an absolute sweetheart and so swoon-worthy! (Featuring him for tomorrow’s Swoony Saturdates).



“America Singer, one day you will fall asleep in my arms every night. And you’ll wake up to my kisses every morning.” 

“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.”

“I want everything with you, America. I want the holidays and the birthdays, the busy season and lazy weekends. I want peanut butter fingertips on my desk. I want inside jokes and fights and everything. I want a life with you.” 

“You are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good. Without you, my life would still exist, but that’s all it would manage to do.”

“If you don’t want me to be in love with you, you’re going to have to stop looking so lovely. First thing tomorrow I’m having your maids sew some potato sacks together for you.” 

“I’ll love you until my very last breath. Every beat of my heart is yours. I don’t want to die without you knowing that.”

Okay okay, I know I have more than 3 quotes here, but seriously… if these quotes doesn’t make you swoon, then I don’t know what will. I’m completely having some FEELS here just doing this…really missed how much this series made my emotions go crazy!  I think I need to reread this series again… and really soon.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Favorite Quotes Fridays! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Favorite Quotes Fridays



Finally Friday!!! You have no idea how relieved and happy I am that’s it’s Friday. AND tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to Disneyland for a few hours. Yay! After a really tough work week, I need an escape and be at the happiest place on earth.

But first — let’s get to this week’s Favorite Quotes Fridays which is a weekly segment that features 2-3 of my favorite quotes from a book I’ve read and loved.



This series is absolutely one of my favorite reads last year. It’s breathtaking, evocative and utterly mesmerizing. So today, I would like to share some of my favorite quotes from this beautiful book. And if you’re interested in reading my reviews for all three books, just click the titles down below.

No Ordinary Star

No Plain Rebel

No Vain Loss



“It’s ten heartbeats to midnight.”

“You have become the most brilliant star, even though you grew up in the fiercest of nights.” 

“Not everyone wants to wake up, I know that, but I have and he has, and there’s no turning back now. I’ll fight with all I’ve got, and change all I can…”

“It begins with him and her, it begins down here in the Library of Truth, it begins with knowledge. And love” […] “It begins with two beating hearts.”

I HIGHLY recommend you add this series to your TBR! It’s amazing, beautifully written, and incredibly fascinating. The FEELS in this series… just insanely crazy and wonderful in every way. If you’re looking for a book/series with inspiring themes, and lovable heroes, then pick this up right now! I promise you… you will fall head over heels in love with this series.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!