by  Lindsey Ouimet


5 ★ –  Beautiful Story of Love, Loss and Acceptance
Published by Evernight Teen March 31, 2017
Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: Paperback 290
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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

After the death of her stepfather, Michaela Reilly’s family picks up and moves from the bustling city of Miami to a tiny speck of a town in the middle of nowhere Georgia. Starting over is always hard, but when you’re stuck with an emotionally wrecked mother who won’t even look at you and the responsibility of practically raising your younger brother and sister, it’s even more difficult.
Life in a small, rural town is a lot different from what she’s used to. Beaches are replaced with lazy, shaded rivers. Six lane highways with dirt roads. And Levi, the cute preacher’s son, with intentions as pure as his smile, takes the place of a string of shallow, meaningless hookups back home.
Some things remain the same no matter where you go, however. Like the way a cute boy can make things seem not so bad, or how when you fall in love You. Just. Know.
It’s too bad it’s not only the good things that are universal. Bad things can follow you, no matter how far away from them you run. Secrets always end up hurting people. A troubled past will come back to haunt you. Michaela has both.

I seriously don’t even know where to begin. Perdition has completely wrecked me in the best possible way.

When you fall in love, you just know. 

I enjoyed Perdition way more than I thought I would. Though I have to admit, I kind of went back and forth before I submitted a request to review because the synopsis didn’t outright appeal to me. Good thing I trusted my weakness for romance novels because I got way more than I ever expected. The story, characters and writing slowly captured my heart and by the end, I was absolutely head over heels in love with this book.


The romance is sweet and endearing, but also so heartbreaking, real, and beautiful. Michaela and Levi are such great characters you can’t help but fall for them as they are and root for them as a couple. The drama is enough to last you for days, but also quite realistic that you can imagine yourself in at least one situation. The humor sprinkled throughout is so perfectly timed to lighten up the mood just when you needed it. And the FEELS… I can’t get over them. I’m such an emotional wreck right now, but it the good kind of way. Lindsey Ouimet’s writing just has this amazing way that makes you feel just as the characters do… as if you’re part of the story going through all the same pain, hurt, anger, happiness, and love.

Perdition will definitely one of those stories that I’ll reread time and time again. There’s plenty of swooning, laughter, drama, angst, and even some tears. Okay okay… there’s actually a lot of tears. I’m such a big cry baby sometimes… but honestly, it’s been while since a book got me so worked up and my emotions all over the place. My heart ached so much for the characters, especially for Michaela and Levi. I actually had to stop reading here and there during the last few chapters because I was ugly crying and could not even see the words on my Ipad. And when I got to the end… I was left utterly heartbroken because as bittersweet as the ending was, I wish there was just more.

If you’re looking for a YA Romance that will make you laugh and cry, teach you a lesson or two, and remind you that in life, when bad things happen (and they will and there will be a lot), better things will come along… then you absolutely have to read this book ASAP.

Huge thanks to Lindsey Ouimet for sending me a copy and writing this wonderful story.

Sincerely Karen Jo