Hello Lovelies



Just wanted to say hello and I really hope all of you are having a wonderful New Year! I know I haven’t been responsive here and haven’t done any fun posts like I had planned. I’m also going on vacation next week so I’m trying to finish up my work in the office, get all the things I need to bring, and buy “pasalubong” for family in the Philippines… and also read and try to catch up with my TBR. So, yes LIFE is great, but I’m so BUSYYYYY. That’s why for a while, I’ve just be doing reviews and book promotional posts and this will probably be the case until beginning or mid March. So, if I don’t respond or visit your beautiful amazing blogs, this is why. I do miss interacting with you all and reading all your fun posts and such.

Anyway, I have to get back to work so take care lovelies!!!! i really do miss you all so much and I hope to be back full force in April.



Love Always



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