Book Spotlight – Sixty Days of Love by Liza Malloy





Published: April 15th 2019

Publisher: Teal Street Publishing

Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance

Pages: Kindle 304




Chelsea Craig’s life is perfect, until her husband David runs off with his paralegal. During the mandatory sixty-day waiting period before the divorce is finalized, Chelsea decides to transform herself into a woman David can’t resist. Revamping her life isn’t easy, though, and Chelsea lands in one embarrassing predicament after another. Luckily, Nick, a smoldering local cop, happily rushes to her rescue. Convinced that a fling with Nick couldn’t hurt, Chelsea embraces the sizzling chemistry they share. But when the separation period draws to a close, Chelsea begins to question whether she’s been working all this time to salvage a relationship with the wrong man.




Nick was quiet during the drive, giving me more than enough time to panic. I wasn’t good with silence. I needed meaningless banter.

“That was pretty low, cutting me off at the bar.”

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

“I hate clichés.”

“Well, desperate times call for desperate measures,” he said, grinning.

“You better be nice or I’ll change my mind.”

He turned to me. “So you admit you were bluffing?”

“I admit nothing.”

He reached his hand out to my thigh then shifted it northward. My entire body tensed at the sensation of his fingers pressing against me through my panties.

“I like the boots,” he said calmly.

I would’ve responded, but I could barely breathe, let alone speak, with his hand resting there.

“And the skirt is hot, too, although I would’ve preferred it without the undergarments.”

He turned into my driveway, killed the engine, and opened my car door before I had even registered that his hand had left my body. I dawdled unlocking the front door, and then paused in the kitchen.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“No,” he said. And he leaned in and kissed me. The kiss began innocently, with a fair amount of space between our bodies, and with Nick’s hands resting politely on my hips. Within moments though, his tongue was in my mouth and his hands had shifted to my butt. I tried to focus on deciding once and for all if I could really go through with this, but instead all I could think about was his soft tongue, his perfect smell, and his firm ass. That’s when I realized I was groping him.




Liza Malloy writes contemporary romance, new adult romance, women’s fiction, and fantasy romance. She’s a sucker for alpha males, bad boys, dimples, and muscles, and she can’t resist a man in uniform. Liza loves creating worlds where the heroine discovers her own strength and finds her Happily Ever After. When Liza isn’t reading or writing torrid love stories, she’s a practicing attorney. Her other passions include gummy bears, jelly beans, and the occasional marathon. She lives in the Midwest with her four daughters and her own Prince Charming. Sixty Days for Love and For Love and Italian are her first published novels. She has two more steamy romances slated for release in 2019.





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