Book Review – The Scarecrow and the Princess by Maggie Archer


Hello lovelies! Today, I’ll be sharing my review for this adorable Middle-Grade/Children’s fairy tale. I don’t read MG books very often and I’m really picky, but The Scarecrow and the Princess by Maggie Archer absolutely charmed me so I’m really happy I decided to take a chance on it. It’s really short… 67 pages and I finished it in less than hour, BUT it’s  delightful and so entertaining that I was quite sad when it ended. Anyway, if you have an hour to spare and looking for an easy read and a fun, and entertaining story, then I highly recommend you check this out.




Published: January 17th 2019 by Amazon Kindle

Genre(s): Children, Middle-Grade, Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Humor

Format: Kindle Edition, 67 pages

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Delightfully Magical, Enchanting, and Inspirational


The Scarecrow and the Princess by Maggie Archer is a delightful, magical, and heartwarming fairy tale.

A witch with a vengeance cursed a young prince too handsome for his own good. He becomes a scarecrow, gets banished to an unknown orchard, and patiently waits to be real again. Meanwhile, a kindhearted princess with problems of her own has been seeking solace with the new resident scarecrow in the apple orchard. Will these two find what they’re looking for and have a happily ever after?

This book is whimsical and cute and just so much fun! Archer’s writing has its own irresistible charm and had me completely dazzled. I don’t read children’s books often, but this little gem is witty and so endearing that I found myself engrossed with the story until the very end. For a short book, I thought the plot is amazingly well-developed and moves quickly with plenty of funny, affecting, and adorably sweet moments that definitely warmed my heart. The characters are just superb and seem absolutely genuine, likable and charming. The scarecrow and the princess are such fantastic leads and even the side characters are quite lovely on their own ways. The ending wraps up the story beautifully leaving readers with a wonderful sense of joy!

With its swiftly moving plot, lovable characters, magical elements, and the perfect combination of humor and heart, this enchanting fairy tale will delight and keep readers engaged. But, what I really love is that The Scarescrow and the Princess is also wonderfully inspirational as the narrative encourages readers to always treat everyone with kindness, appreciate what they have and never take anything for granted.

While I think this book is fabulous for middle-grade children and younger, I would also recommend this to anyone at any age who loves fairy tales. This book charmed me, made me smile, had me laughing a few times, and overall have a fantastically fun time!

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



(Author Bio and Photo taken from her Amazon Author Page)


Maggie Archer (born in 1980 in Klerksdorp, South Africa) lives in Klerksdorp with her husband, young daughter and two chow chow dogs.

She is currently all about the children’s books 🙂 This is a category that has always held great appeal to her and now, finally, after years of procrastination, her first two books are seeing the light of day. It just seemed like such a waste for a wannabe children’s author to have a little kid of her own and no books out to be impressing said kid.
Is said kid impressed? That depends very much on the day, but the little one, at four years old, thinks she would be great at illustrating her mother’s books. An idea that will certainly be explored in the future.

For now, Maggie vacillates between mothering, wifeing (probably not a word, but whatever), housekeeping, gardening and writing. The most volatile of these are the mothering and the writing, each with crazy highs and lows but ultimately extremely rewarding.




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