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Hello sweeties! Today, I’ll be sharing my review for What the Other Three Don’t Know by Spencer Hyde published by Shadow Mountain Publishing. This book releases today and I highly recommend you check it out.

I’ve never read anything by Hyde before and when I first started reading this book, I was expecting a good story about teens, self-discovery, and acceptance. Well, it was definitely more than a good story. and I was surprised by all the emotions I felt.  I honestly didn’t expect to feel so much, but I did and I loved it  and I hope you get the chance to experience this beautiful story.




Will I still be loved if I show people who I really am?  

Four high school seniors. Four secrets about to be told.




Published: March 3, 2020

Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishing

ISBN: 9781629727325

Retail Price: $17.99  Page Count: Hardcover, 224

Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary

Book Design: © Shadow Mountain

Cover Illustration: Danny Schlitz

Art Direction: Richard Erickson Design: Sheryl Dickert Smith








If Indie had it her way, she would never choose to river raft with three other high school seniors, mostly strangers to each other, from her journalism class.
A loner, a jock, an outsider, an Instagram influencer. At first they can’t see anything that they have in common. As the trip unfolds, the unpredictable river forces them to rely on each other. Social masks start to fall as, one-by-one, each teen reveals a deep secret the other three don’t know.
One is harboring immense grief and unwilling to forgive after the death of a loved one. One is dealing with a new disability and an uncertain future. One is fearful of the repercussions of coming out. One is hiding behind a carefully curated “perfect” image on Instagram.
Before they get to the end of Hells Canyon, they’ll know the truth about each other and, more importantly, learn something new about themselves.
What the Other Three Don’t Know is a poignant and gripping YA novel about the unlikely friends who accept you for who you really are and the power of self-acceptance.




A haunting, emotional, and exhilarating adventure about friendship, forgiveness, and acceptance. 


What the Other Three Don’t Know by Spencer Hyde is such a beautifully written YA contemporary story about forgiveness, courage, acceptance, friendship and finally learning to let go and move forward. It’s haunting, exciting, and an asbolutely fantastic emotional adventure and I loved it all.

This story was so utterly heartbreaking at times, but also truly and wonderfully moving. Hyde’s storytelling style captivated me from the start. I enjoyed his literary techniques which made me feel like I was a character in the story rather than just a reader. The vivid and lush descriptions of the settings, the river, and the landscapes enthralled me and I enjoyed experiencing what the characters felt in every moment. I loved the suspense, the thrills, and the anticipation of never knowing what’s going to happen next. I felt like I was friends with the characters and I was taking the journey with them. At the end of it all, I think this book’s best surprise is all the important and inspiring messages throughout the story.

The pacing has a really nice flow and the plot moves just like a river. There are some calm and touching moments that warmed my heart, a few bumps, twists, and turns that surprised me, and some very intense and terrifying situations that had me holding my breath. There was teen drama, action, excitement, suspense, humor, and even romance. This adventure was definitely an exhilarating, emotional, and breathtaking experience I won’t easily forget.

I think the characters are just so precious and wonderful. I didn’t like all of them right away, but by the end, I can definitely say that I love, adore, and admire Indie, Wyatt, Skye and Shelby for different reasons. They’re dealing with their own issues and insecurities so each of them affected me and I coulnd’t help but root for each of them throughout their journey.  I felt their joy, their pain, their anger, their sadness, and their fears. It was real and raw and quite beautiful to watch them all grow and mature. After spending time with themI felt proud of what they’ve conquered and accomplished. I loved seeing them work through their issues, become friends amidst all their differences, and ultimately find the strength to be true to who they really are.

What the Other Three Don’t Know is a such a poignant, touching, and beautiful story. The writing is amazing, the plot is twisty, intense, and thrilling, and the characters are realistic and loveable. I loved the friendships. I loved the chemistry between Indie and Skye. I loved the humor and sweet moments. I loved all the emotions I felt and the scenes that had me on edge. I loved that I couldn’t put this book down and was absolutely engrossed from the start. As a first time reader of Hyde’s stories, I can honestly say that I completely enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more from this talented and brilliant author.

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher, Shadow Mountain Publishing, in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




Quotes taken from an Uncorrected Advance Reader Copy. Final Publication may differ

That’s how time works. It’s a river that flows right past you. It doesn’t wait for you. You’re lucky if you manage to dip your hand in it and feel the cool currents as it passes.

We are all more than one thing, and that’s how things should be.

The world tells us we can’t be multiple things, but screw that. Be what you want. Be a particle and a wave. Light bends just like the river, but only when we see it correctly. One path is set until we decide to look, then it all changes. Maybe we are all just finally looking.

People matter — not the things. Be the thing that allows you to be you. Don’t let people corner you into being just one.

Because even those we once hated can show us how to love. Because choices will always exist, and when they present themselves, I hope to always reach for the right hand. Because forgiveness is the real river we run in this life.

Life is always dark until we bounce off each other.





SPENCER HYDE spent three years during high school at Johns Hopkins for severe OCD. He is the author of the YA novel Waiting for Fitz. Spencer worked at a therapeutic boarding school before earning his MFA and his PhD, specializing in fiction, short humor pieces, and essays. Spencer and his wife are the parents of four children.





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