Life Update 2022


Hello lovelies and Happy first day of March! Hope 2022 has been good to you all so far. As for me, it’s been wonderfully memorable filled with plenty of family events, unexpected surprises, and love! That being said, I think it’s time for another life update. So here goes…

I’ve been MIA pretty much for almost 2 years now with sporadic posts here and there. It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to blog anymore… but blogging does take time and I guess, I wanted to focus more on ME. To take a break and just explore other things. While I was away from here, I was very active on Instagram. So, if you’re following me there, well then you kind of already have an idea of what I’ve been up to these past two years since Covid.

Since my last life update post, I have not finished a book that I truly and wholeheartedly enjoyed. This reading slump is just the worst! I would read a few pages or chapters and just lose interest. I guess there’s just so much still going on in my mind that I can’t seem to escape and just be lost in stories like I used to. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not doing well… mentally and emotionally. I do have my bad days, setbacks, still get anxiety, deal with insecurities, and worry about the future, but overall I’m genuinely happy and feel more myself than I ever did. Now, if only I can get back into reading so my TBR doesn’t keep growing… but I know that will come in due time. And next thing I know, I’m staying up late at night to finish a book, binging a series, or swooning over new book boyfriends.

So, what have I’ve been doing lately? Hmm… so I haven’t hiked much (which I miss A LOT) and haven’t had the time for my long contemplative walks. I still do take care of my health and body, but sometimes it’s difficult when I just want to eat and try all kinds of foods. Foodtrips are my absolute favorite and discovering new places to eat. I’m still learning to balance eating healthy and indulging from time to time… cause why not?!?!? And with that, I’ve found the joy in meal prepping and cooking more often. Meal prepping also saves me money since I’m less tempted to buy food. But, once in a while also doesn’t hurt. I’ve also started to bake more and started a home baking business… which is currently on hiatus for personal reasons. What else…? I’m vaccinated and boosted. I started work back in the office a few times a week. Even though I wish I could keep working from home, I still sort of have a 4 day-ish weekend since I WFH Mondays and Fridays. If there’s one thing I miss about working from home, it’s being with my fur babies. I miss our long walks when I don’t have to spend time going to and from work. I’m a Disney Annual Pass Holder again and finally did my SOLO Disney day which I absolutely enjoyed and plan on doing more often. I’m becoming an auntie very soon and I am utterly ecstatic to meet my niece! She has the most adorbs and cutest nickname and I can’t wait to spoil her… to some extent that is.  Got two tattoos and have ideas for more. And, the most unexpected surprise is… I’M ENGAGED! It still feels so weird thinking about it.. not that I didn’t believe it could be in my future, but it’s a big change. A really nice change…

As for my mental health, well I’m still healing and making progress. There are things that I overthink and those unfortunately consume me and feed my anxiety. Uncertainties still scare me and my insecurities can be quite overwhelming sometimes. But, there is always hope. Or at least, I try to see the goodness and beauty in everything and just keep on going and living. Loving and choosing yourself isn’t always easy. I’ve cared more about how I can make other people happy more than I cared to make myself happy. It’s really just who I am, but I’m learning how to prioritize myself a little bit more everyday. It’s still difficult when all I want is to make the people I care about feel happy and loved… but I’m working on it.

Life is still pretty messy sometimes, but I wouldn’t change anything because it brought me to where I am now. Not quite whole, but also not broken into pieces anymore. Will I ever be whole… maybe not completely, but I’m learning to be okay with that because there is beauty in just being who you are with your quirks and flaws and everything that makes you YOU. Cause the people who really SEE who YOU are, they’re the one who stays and makes your life beautiful and worth living.

Here are just some of my favorite moments….



























Thanks for reading!! I really hope you’re all having a wonderful 2022 and smiling more everyday.

Stay safe, be kind, keep smiling, wear a mask, and happy reading!!!

Until next time! Take Care fellow swoonies!!