Book Spotlight – Lexi by Heidi J. Hewett





Published by: Soul Mate Publishing November 28, 2018

Genre(s): Sci-Fi Romance

Pages: Kindle Edition 272, about 89k words




A rogue A.I. supercomputer, Chinese tech spies, and a sexy robot who plays the ukulele set young engineer John Michael on an adventure from the glittering big city to the last outpost of human habitation. As time runs out, he must make a choice that will determine his own future: hand Lexi over for reprogramming, or help her escape from the people who bought her. Could he really be falling in love with a machine?



firstimpressionsI love romance and sci-fi has always fascinated me so to have both in a story would be delightfully entertaining and so much fun. After reading the blurb and a few pages, I knew this book would be a unique and interesting read. I’m already intrigued by the story, the characters, and the world the author created so I’m excited to see how the story plays out. Seems like there’s going to be plenty of action, humor, twists, drama, and romance and I’m really hoping for some delicious swoons and sweet moments. I really can’t wait to continue reading this book and if you’re a fan of sci-fi and romance, then I think you might just enjoy this book.  divider4


lexiauthor.jpgHeidi J. Hewett writes science fiction, mysteries, and romantic comedies about nice, sometimes nerdy, straight-laced men who get their socks knocked off by luminous women. When she is not reading or writing, she plays the violin, inspired by Sherlock Holmes. She also enjoys tinkering with recipes and inflicting strange food combinations on her hapless family. Her secret guilty pleasure is Hong Kong cop movies. Member of RWA.





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