ARC Review – Hearts Made for Breaking By Jen Klein


Happy Monday Lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and read some fun books. Today, I’ll be sharing my review for this sweet, heartfelt and fun teen romance and some of my favorite quotes from the book. I really enjoyed reading Hearts Made for Breaking and cannot wait for you to meet Lark and Ardy and all their adorkable chemistry when this book releases tomorrow. divider3



Expected Publication: April 30, 2019

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Format: Hardcover, 320 Pages




From the author of SHUFFLE, REPEAT and SUMMER UNSCRIPTED comes a new novel about mysterious boys, first-time love, heartbreak, and the incredible bonds of friendship.

17-year old Lark knows how to survive high school dating: date boys briefly, let them down gently, remain friends, and move on. Her best friends, Copper and Katie, think that Lark is denying herself the opportunity for true love because she does not want to be hurt. They challenge her to break her pattern by staying in a relationship long enough for Lark — or the boy — to fall in love. Intrigued by the challenge, Lark sets her sights on the mysterious new boy, Ardy, who has been labeled “undateable” by the other girls in school. Lark is curious about, and then completely intrigued by, the enigmatic Ardy — so much so that she finds herself falling for him, only to risk having her own heart completely broken.

Jen Klein has once again crafted a funny, contemporary story sure to resonate with teen readers.




A Delightfully Cute, Wonderfully Entertaining and Heartwarming Story


This book is a YA contemporary gem! It was utterly charming and so ridiculously adorable. I was completely enamored with how cute and fluffy and wonderfully entertaining it was and cannot stop thinking about that swoony ending that left me smiling and wanting more.

I read Shuffle, Repeat a few years ago and absolutely enjoyed the chemistry between Oliver and June. I smiled, laughed, and even teared up a bit in the end. I knew then that Jen Klein would be one of my go to YA contemporary authors when I want something lighthearted, fun, and cute. I haven’t gotten the chance to read Summer Unscripted since I’ve been playing catch up with my TBR, but when I saw this book and the cover on Netgalley, I just couldn’t resist. My feedback ratio is still around the 50ish percent, so I didn’t really set my hopes up too high. BUT, to my surprise, I actually got it! I squealed (internally of course since I was at work when I was checking my inbox) and was super excited when I received the approval email. I had to get through a few more books for reviews, but when I finally started reading Hearts Made for Breaking, I was completely smitten!

This book had everything… and I mean EVERYTHING I love in YA romances. It was interesting, nostalgic, heartfelt, funny, swoony, and realistic. There were a few cheesy moments that may make other readers cringe, but to me, they were actually kind of fun. If I’m being totally honest, sometimes cheesy works and I’m a hopeless romantic, so I like them more than I don’t. I thought the pacing was good and if I didn’t have work or adulting to do, I easily could have finished this in one sitting. The romance was one of the cutest I’ve ever read. I liked the twist with the prom, the tag scene, the texts between Lark and Ardy, the meet-cute in Ikea, and all the other adorable and amusing moments in the story. The ending may have seemed a tad bit rushed, but it was absolutely gooey, sweet, and adorkable. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was really looking forward to an epilogue (because I wanted more Lark and Ardy moments), but I was quite happy with the conclusion.

I loved that both Lark and Ardy were perfectly weird, relatable, and likeable characters. I liked that there was something offbeat about them which I thought made them even more interesting and lovable. I also liked their easy-going chemistry and just how effortless and real it felt. Sure, they were a bit awkward at times, but the fact that both of them seemed to be acting that way together was super adorable. Nothing felt forced between them and I liked the way their relationship developed. They had so many cute and deliciously swoony moments that made my heart melt over and over. Of course they also had their own drama, tension, doubts and heartbreak, but they’re all part of what made their relationship so realistic for me. I totally shipped them so hard and to me, they were really great together.

I have to talk a bit ARDY because I absolutely loved him with all my heart and soul. I never understood why he was being labeled “undateable” or why him being a little different or weird makes him that. He was irresistibly sweet, caring, kind, loving, honest and just a really good person. I loved how he introduced himself to Lark’s mother and what he said to her. I loved that he respected boundaries and never pushed. He was a true gentleman and I adored him so much.

The other characters were interesting and entertaining enough. I wasn’t too fond of Katie or Cooper in the beginning, but I definitely liked Cooper more. I did really like Hope and thought she was sweet and such a great friend to Ardy. All in all, none of the side characters really stood out for me, but they made the story a bit more fun with their personalities, quirks, and drama.

Hearts Made for Breaking was just too charming and adorable! I swooned more than I expected and smiled like a dork who’s falling in love for the first time. With lovable characters, an addictively engaging storyline, and meaningful coming of age lessons, this book was a truly delightful, fun, and heartwarming story. I can’t wait to read Summer Unscripted and whatever else Jen Klein comes out with next.

If you love reading sweet, swoony, and lighthearted teen romance stories, then this book might just be perfect for you.

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts, opinions and swoons are my own.



(These were taken from the ARC. Final publication may be different. Please don’t read if you don’t want spoilers).


“You’re shivering,” he says, and I don’t correct him, although it’s not the cold anymore but him that’s the cause. It’s less a shiver than an ongoing tremble, an electric current just below the surface of my skin. Vibrating everywhere, everything. Like I’m more alive than I ever have been, like I’m powered by his nearness.

The thing about falling in love is that, no matter how you rail against it, a fall is involved. And you can’t control the world around you when you’re in free fall. You have to let the wind and the sky and the air take you where you’re going to go.

And then Ardy’s mouth is on mine. It’s warm and delicious and perfect. It’s better than every other kiss that’s ever happened, because this time nothing is blurry. Everything is crystal clear. Finally.


(Mini bio and photo taken from author’s website)


Hi! I’m Jen Klein. I write YA romance, both contemporary and paranormal. I’m also an Emmy-nominated TV writer who worked on Grey’s Anatomy and Star, and am now a writer and producer on The Resident.  I live in the City of Angels with my husband, two sons, and several animals, all of whom are unruly and ill-behaved.

Originally from North Carolina, I eventually ended up in L.A. where I live-tweeted celebrity events (for money) and wrote all kinds of craziness, including: logic puzzles, a movie for Lifetime, oodles of great cartoons and things you may or may not have seen on television. Then I simultaneously landed my dream job and returned to my first love: writing novels. And here we are. 




Hope you enjoyed reading my review. Don’t forget to grab your copy tomorrow!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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