My Mom’s 60th Masquerade Birthday Party

Hi Everyone!!! I thought I’d do a recap of my mom’s birthday party. It’s been two weeks or so and I am still trying to get back into the groove of things. My mom turned 60 on April 4 and had a masquerade birthday party on April 15 which I had been planning since last year. Let me just say that for my wedding ceremony, as much as I want to do a lot of DIYs, I am definitely going to hire a party planner for the day of the event. I was literally running around the venue trying to make sure we were on schedule, taking pictures and videos, and trying to enjoy the night and have some fun. I actually didn’t even eat that much, so it was a good thing I ate during the food tasting. We did end up taking 4 trays of food home (grilled salmon, chicken and beef kabob, veggies, potatoes, Persian rice, and pasta) and 1/4 of the cake, so the next day I ate and savored every bite.

The party planning process was actually kind of fun and I’m quite proud that it turned out really well considering there were last minute changes and issues. Also, it was a good thing that the party wasn’t a surprise since I knew my mom would want certain things and I just didn’t want to risk doing something she might not like. That being said, she was able to give me her input here and there and I had some help from friends and family too. Things seemed to be going great and I was checking stuff off the list, but the next thing I knew… we were 2 months away from the event. Time went by so fast and I still had a lot to do. By March I was busy trying to get everything done and ready. I actually spent my birthday, April 6, running around doing errands and I was actually still working on the centerpieces, program, and the slideshow Saturday night before the party. It was pretty crazy and I didn’t think I was going to get everything finished… BUT, thank goodness I did! Many thanks to EVERYONE who helped out — glueing feathers on the centerpieces, cutting the programs, punching holes on the program, tying ribbons, setting up for the event, taking pictures, and so on. The party was great and I’m really happy everyone enjoyed and had a great time.

Here are some pictures from the event which was held at Legacy Ballrom Glendale California by L.A. Banquets. 

(If you are ever planning an event around Los Angeles or Glendale, then definitely check out L.A. Banquets. They are absolutely great and their customer service is incredibly amazing.)

My mom’s outfit for the night. She bought her gown from David’s Bridal, shoes from Macy’s, and masquerade mask from Amazon.




Those Clear Diamonds in the pictures are actually place card holders. I bought them on Amazon to use for the Candy Station, but it turned out really amazing as props too!! I’m actually planning on purchasing them in gold to use as props for bookstagramming.

Here’s my MOM!!!



We decided to do this pictorial the day before the event because we knew we would be really busy Sunday. We didn’t hire photographers because it we couldn’t find one within our budget. She said that $2,000 to $3,000 was too much and she wasn’t getting married to spend that kind of money on pictures and videos. For the event,  the photographers were my brother’s girlfriend, my boyfriend, family friends and of course me.



These were all DIY projects. I bought the masks, bird cage, foam flowers, and the crystal flower pins on Amazon. Ordered personalized M&M’s online. Printed the labels at home. Got inspiration on Pinterest for the program booklet. And picked up ribbons, sticker rhinestones and other embellishments from Dollar Stores and Michaels. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Amazon, Dollar Stores, Pinterest and Michaels.

Here’s a close up of my Mommy!!


Here’s us being silly


My mom and big bro


My Grandmommy and Mommy 


The Boyfriend 


My Brother’s Girlfriend


Mom’s Boyfriend






Champagne Tower inside the venue. 


Gorgeous ceilings and lights. 


The Dance Floor


The Presidential Table 


Candy Station Area




Some pics of the Appetizers. We had Mediterranean/ Persian food which was so delicious! There were about 25 appetizers and 4 main courses. Grilled Salmon with Vegetables, Alfredo Pasta with Chicken, Beef and Chicken Kabob with potatoes and Beef and Chicken Lule with Persian rice. 




Some photobooth pics!! 



That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


13 thoughts on “My Mom’s 60th Masquerade Birthday Party

  1. I’ve been waiting for this update! It turned out absolutely stunning! And you and your mom are so gorgeous 🙂 Love, love, love it!


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