ARC Review – The Blood Prince by Josie Jaffrey


Hi again fellow book lovers! I have my review for the finale in the Sovereign Series by Josie Jaffrey. The Bloody Prince is my favorite of the series and I just want to say thanks to the author for introducing me to this enthralling world and wonderful characters. I’m definitely going to miss everyone.



Publication Date: February 20th 2019

Publisher: Smashwords

Genre(s): Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Paranormal,  Romance

Pages: Kindle 301



The price of freedom is always paid in blood.

The sovereigns of the Silver have awakened, but the Queen is a fractured shell of the woman Cam remembers. He hopes to put her back together by finding her son, the missing prince. At least, that’s what he tells his friends when he leaves for the Red.

Back in the Blue, Julia’s old tormentor Rufus is hounding her at every turn. She’s sick of feeling powerless, but she has a plan that will bring the Nobles to their knees.
All she needs is blood.

The Blood Prince is the final book in Josie Jaffrey’s Sovereign trilogy, set in a dystopian Europe where vampiric Nobles control the last remnants of the human race.





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This was a BLOODY AMAZING and MIND-BLOWING finale! I’m truly happy with how it ended, but sad that it’s over and I don’t know. I’m definitely feeling a book slump creeping in.

So, I binged The Silver Queen and The Blood Prince back to back and I’m glad I did cause there was no way I was going to just wait patiently after that insane cliffhanger. Not even a few pages into this book and I was already feeling uneasy about who could the Blood Prince be. I had my theories, but I kept switching back and forth. I did have someone in mind and I really hoped it was him. Jaffrey definitely kept me guessing the whole time and I loved that about this series. You never knew who was telling the truth and what delicious surprises and heartbreaking secrets you’ll discover.

This book played with my emotions and my heart so much more than I could take. There were so many messed up, but amazing FEELS that had me completely hooked. I don’t want to ruin the thrill and all the fun for you so I’m just going to say this — I had a change of heart quite a few times. That’s just how mesmerizing the writing was in this series! Jaffrey had a way with her words and storytelling that just gets into your head and heart and you feel like the characters. You feel their pain, their anger, their sadness, their desires, their desperation, and their happiness. I loved that about this book and this series and I think.. no I know that I’m going to reread this over and over. It’s become one of my favorite paranormal/vampire series and to say that I’m obsessed… well that’s not even close to how I feel about this.

Julia was one kickass heroine and I loved her to pieces! She’s fiesty, brave, kind, and independent. I loved her character growth the most. She was inspiring and I admired everything she fought for. Lucas had my heart from the very beginning. He’s the kind of leader I’d follow and fall hopelessly in love with. I loved the chemistry between these two and rooted for them so hard. I was honestly a bit worried at one point and my heart couldn’t take it if they didn’t have their HEA, cause after everything they went through, they both deserved to be happy.

I’ll always have a soft spot for Cam and Felix. Cam was one of my favorite characters since Book 1. I loved his fierce loyalty and determination. He’s someone I could totally picture myself being friends with. I may not have liked Felix in the beginning, but he definitely won me over and over. These two were really adorable. There’s just something about their bond and relationship that I found so swoony and endearing.

I don’t know much about Sol and Emmy since I didn’t read the prequel series, but I liked them. I thought their love for each other was sometimes cheesy, but I’m not going to lie… I really enjoyed it — their fairytale, their history, their unbreakable bond, their everlasting love, and all that mushy stuff. It was fun and I’ll definitely be adding the Solis Invicti series to my TBR.

The side characters were well-developed and fascinating. There were something about each of them that I liked. I even liked Rufus in the end. I know… how could I right? But Jaffrey created such great, diverse, and wonderful individuals that were realistic in ways that made me feel for them. Oh and I loved Hades. That horse had such an amusing personality.

In the end, I walked away with more than I expected from this series. The Bloody Prince was satisfyingly entertaining, wonderfully suspenseful and incredibly thought-provoking. There were plenty of fantastic action scenes, intense drama, heart-wrenching moments, delicious twists and revelations, and romances that will surely make you swoon. But more than that, Josie Jaffrey created a beautiful story about what it truly means to be kind, to fight for what you believe in, and to have the courage to do what is right. This may be a fun paranormal vampire story, but’s it’s also a story about friendship, loyalty, love, forgiveness, and hope. I truly really loved this series and cannot recommend it enough.

Do yourself a favor and add this series on your TBR. All the books are out now, so if you get sucked in (which I’m sure you will), then you can totally binge and enjoy all the FEELS! (which I know will be difficult not to).

I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts, opinion, and feels are my own.



Spoiler Alert: May give clues on how the story plays out so read at your own risk! 

Because Julia was going to change this city. She wasn’t sure what she would change it into, ad she wasn’t sure how on earth she would make it change, but she was determined to do it.

The way I see it, you got a choice: either you accept things as they are, or you do something about it.

She was the power of her knowledge, and soon she would be the power in her blood.

We don’t have to have a happily ever after. We could have a once upon a time instead.



josiejaffreyJosie lives in Oxford, England, with her husband and two cats. When she’s not writing, she works as a lawyer, specialising in intellectual property and commercial law. She also runs a video book review club, The Gin Book Club, through her website.

The Solis Invicti series (a prequel series to the Sovereign series) is available now.

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