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Hello Lovelies! Welcome to my Blog Tour Stop for A Flame Through Eternity by Anna Belfrage hosted by TLC Book Tours. This is the 3rd and final book in The Wanderer Series and while I’m quite sad it’s over, I’m excited to final share my thoughts with you. This romance series has been a fun emotional ride and I really enjoyed spending time with Helle, Jason, and Woolf. While I wasn’t blown away by the conclusion, I still really liked most of it and overall this series is one of the most unique, fascinating, steamy, and beautifully written series I’ve read. Definitely worth the read and I hope you add it on your TBR and pick it up.




Publication: November 22, 2019

Publisher: Troubador Publishing

Genre(s): Adult Romance, Fantasy, Erotica

Format: Paperback, 410 pages



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According to Helle Madsen, being the protagonist of a time-spanning epic love story has some things going for it, primarily Jason Morris. Because seriously, meeting up with your fated lover after 3 000 years apart is not bad–at all. Unfortunately, where Jason goes, there goes Sam Woolf, yet another very, very ancient acquaintance–with the fundamental difference that Sam is not into Happily Ever After. He’s into destruction, more specifically of Jason and Helle.

Helle may believe in second-chance love, but she sure doesn’t believe in reincarnation. Okay, she didn’t believe in stuff like that until she met Jason Morris a year or so ago. By now, she has accepted that sometimes impossible things are quite, quite possible–like an ancient princess being reborn as an ambitious financial analyst.

Finding Jason was like finding the part of her that had always been missing–a perfect match. But handling Sam Woolf, the reborn version of their ancient nemesis is something of a trial. No sooner do you have him well and surely beat, but up he bounces again. Sheesh, will it take an oak stake to permanently rid their lives of him?

Sam Woolf is a powerful adversary. Too powerful, even. Jason and Helle will need help from unexpected quarters to finally bring this tangled, ancient love-and-hate triangle to some sort of conclusion. Question is, will they survive the experience?





An Emotionally Intense, Deliciously Sexy, and

Wonderfully Captivating Romance Fantasy

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Just like its predecessors, A Flame Through Eternity by Anna Belfrage is well-written, emotionally intense, deliciously sexy, and wonderfully captivating. I truly enjoyed this epic and fun romantic suspense fantasy tale and utterly loved all the feels.

I have been anticipating the conclusion to The Wanderer Series and could not wait to see if Jason and Helle would finally get their HEA after being apart for thousands of years. I was also hoping that Woolf, even if he’s done terrible things and wanted to destroy Jason and Helle’s happiness, would have a change of heart and finally let go of all his hatred and anger. I personally have a weakness for the bad boy type… the complex, flawed, and perfect villainous character that you want to hate, but can’t cause you see something beyond their cruelty. I definitely felt that way towards Sam Woolf and even though he’s caused so much pain and suffering, he still deserves forgiveness and peace.

For the most part, I enjoyed reading this book and all the achingly wonderful emotions. The pacing did feel a bit slow for me in this novel, but I rather not say why since I don’t want to spoil anything for you. But, even though that was the case, I was still quite enthralled for most of the time. I enjoyed Belfrage’s beautiful storytelling, the vivid descriptions and details, the flashbacks, the lighthearted and fun parts, the sexy and steamy scenes, the danger and thrills, and all the sweetly romantic moments that made my heart melt. The plot had its highs and lows and I didn’t feel quite as excited or on edge like the previous two books, but it was still enjoyable and entertaining. There’s plenty of frienship and relationship drama, heartache and betrayal, and surprises and twists that made this an intriguing and fun read. I also felt my heart break so many times only to be pieced together again. Even though I have mixed feelings about the ending and didn’t completely fall in love with everything about this book like I expected, I think Belfrage concluded her series quite well. I definitely wasn’t disappointed… I was just hoping for something more and something different.

These impecfertly perfect characters reincarnated and tied together for thousands of years have affected me in so many ways. I love/dislike them all at one point or another and a part of my heart bleeds for each of them. Helle, Jason, and yes even Sam deserve happiness, love, and peace. The supporting characters are fantastic and played their roles quite well. Some of them definitely made me feel frustrated, annoyed, and incredibly angry that I felt like I wanted to yell at someone, but I do think that they made the story more interesting. I also just want to say that I asbolutely adore Korine and wanted to protect her precious soul… and if you read this book, you’ll find out why. I loved reading about her and really enjoyed those parts of the book.

A Flame Through Eternity is a unique and beautifully written fantasy tale about destiny,  passion, revenge, betrayal, forgiveness and love. I really enjoyed reading all three books in this series and all the emotions I felt. Anna Belfrage’s The Wanderer Series is an utterly fascinating, alluring, and heartwrenching romance that I’m sure will appeal to plenty of readers. If you’re looking for a love story about reincarnation with suspense, action, drama, steam, twists and turns, and all the feels, then you have to add this on your TBR.

I received a free copy of this book from the author and publisher for participating in a blog tour hosted by TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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In the long lost ancient past, two men fought over the girl with eyes like the Bosporus under a summer sky. It ended badly. She died. They died.

Since then, they have all tumbled through time, reborn over and over again. Now they are all here, in the same place, the same time and what began so long ago must finally come to an end.

Ask Helle Madsen what she thinks about reincarnation and she’ll laugh in your face. Besides, Helle has other stuff to handle, what with her new, exciting job in London and her drop-dead but seriously sinister boss, Sam Woolf. And then one day Jason Morris walks into her life and despite never having clapped eyes on him before, she recognises him immediately. Very weird. Even more weird is the fact that Sam and Jason clearly hate each other’s guts. Helle’s life is about to become extremely complicated and far too exciting.




The plot is engaging, suspenseful, twisty, and sensual. There’s plenty of tension, drama, and heartbreak that kept me turning the pages. It’s brutally intense at times, but the delicious anticipation of what will or will not happen had me on edge in the most amazing ways. I also liked the flashbacks and slowly learning what truly happened between Helle, Jason and Sam. I thought the concept of reincarnation was really interesting and I enjoyed the fantasy elements. The romance was scorching and sexy. I loved the chemistry between Jason and Helle and also liked their playful bantering. But what I really liked most about this story was the raw and relatable emotional aspects that left a wonderful burning feeling in my heart. Being able to feel and experience what the characters were going through was harrowing, but also satisfyingly exhilarating.




Six months ago, Helle Madsen would have described herself as normal. Now she no longer knows if that terms applies, not after her entire life has been turned upside down by the reappearance of not one, but two, men from her very, very distant past.

Helle Madsen never believed in mumbo-jumbo stuff like reincarnation—until she came face to face with Jason Morris, a man who purportedly had spent fifty lives looking for her. Coping with being reunited with the lover from her ancient past was one thing. Having Sam Woolf, her vindictive nemesis from that same ancient past join the party was a bit too much. Suddenly, Helle finds herself the reluctant heroine of a far-flung, time-transcending epic story, one in which pain and loss seem to play a very big part.

This time round, Jason and Helle are determined to make it to the happily ever after. Unfortunately, Sam Woolf will stop at nothing to crush them. That ride into the golden sunset seems awfully far away at times…




Brimming with excruciating emotional turmoil, relationship drama, sexual tension, heartbreak, danger, and some wickedly steamy moments, this book exceeded all my expectations and even surprised me. The plot is absolutely thrilling, deliciously seductive, utterly captivating, and so incredibly entertaining. I definitely felt my heart beating faster never really knowing what would happen next and often breaking into a million pieces not just for Jason and Helle, but also at times for Sam. I know Sam is the antagonist, but there’s a part of me that bleeds for him and is hoping that maybe, just maybe there’s some light left in his soul. These characters have affected me in ways I never expected and I want them to all get their happily ever after. I really love how everything played out in this book and even though some moments were difficult to read, I enjoyed all the different emotions, joy and even the anguish that I felt while reading this unique romance story.





Had Anna been allowed to choose, she’d have become a professional time-traveller. As such a profession does not exist, she settled for second best and became a financial professional with two absorbing interests, namely history and writing. These days, Anna combines an exciting day-job with a large family and her writing endeavours. Plus she always finds the time to try out new recipes, chase down obscure rose bushes and initiate a home renovation scheme or two.

Her most recent release, A Torch in His Heart, is a step out of her comfort zone. Having previously published historical fiction & historical romance, with this first book about Jason and Helle Anna offers a dark and titillating contemporary romance, complete with a time-slip angle and hot & steamy scenes.



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