Swoony Saturdates


Good Evening Loves! I apologize for not doing Swoony Saturdates for the last 2 weeks. I had two swoontastic book boyfriends I had planned on featuring, but I’ll have to reschedule them sometime in the next few months. And since I’m late today, let’s get started so we can swoon over another amazing book boyfriend.

Swoony Saturdates is a weekly segment where I’ll feature one of my favorite book boyfriends and explain some reasons why I think he’s utterly and undeniably swoon-worthy. And just for fun, I’ll occasionally describe an ideal date with the book boyfriend I choose. If you’d like to join me, feel free to do so and leave your links in the comments so everyone can check out your picks. Oh and it’s definitely not limited to just book boyfriends…you can totally pick book girlfriends too! Don’t forget to link back to me so I can see your posts!

Soooo without further ado….Let’s go on a Swoony Saturdate with



If you’re familiar with the movie or the book, The Notebook, then you probably had a crush on Noah Calhoun. If you’re not, then go check out my Favorite Quotes Fridays post yesterday and read some of his swoon-worthy quotes that will make your heart melt.


Reasons Why Noah Calhoun is Undeniably and Ridiculously Swoon-Worthy

001 Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun.jpg

He’s charming and handsome. Even if Ryan Gosling didn’t play him in the movie, I think I would still imagine him to be irresistibly good looking with the southern charm.


He’s funny, confident and spontaneous. He always tried to make Allie laugh whenever they were out together and I loved how some of their scenes were not only romantic, but also spontaneous.

Título: El Diario De Noa

He’s patient, devoted, and faithful. He does everything he can for Allie and even after being apart for more than 10 years, he continues to love her and fulfill all his promises – like buying and restoring a house for her just the way she wanted. And even when Allie doesn’t remember him anymore, he stayed with her.


He’s honest to Allie even if what he says may hurt her. I don’t want a guy to tell me I’m pretty in something when I don’t. If I ask if something makes me look fat and it does, I would want my bf to be honest rather than lie and then I end up looking unappealing in public. So it’s a good thing my boyfriend always tells me the truth… even if I don’t want to hear it sometimes. I actually really do appreciate him for that, but shhh don’t tell him that…


He’s very supportive of Allie’s dreams and goals. He believed in what she can do and encouraged it. He built her an art room in the house he restored so she can continue to paint and do what she loves.


He’s dedicated and hopeful. Through all the years they were apart, he never stopped loving her. He wrote her letters for an entire year even if he never received any response from her. Even when Allie already had Alzheimer and cannot remember him anymore, Noah stayed by her side every day doing everything he can just for the chance to have a few moments with her.


I hope you enjoyed this Swoony Saturdate post. Who are some of your favorite book boyfriends? Don’t forget to leave your comments down below and have a wonderful night!!