Deleted My Book Reviews

Ughh… I just deleted two book reviews that I was working on. I’m usually very careful and would save them right away. I had meant to save it, but I guess I didn’t. I copied and pasted them on Goodreads, closed the program, and then accidentally closed the windows because my supervisor was right behind me. I am so annoyed at myself, but I guess that’s what happens when your writing reviews at work. I’ve always been very quick about minimizing windows, but I panicked and closed it instead. Guess I’ll just have to start over… At least, I have a short draft. Sigh.

Thanks for reading my mini rant…

Has this ever happened to you or something similar?


9 thoughts on “Deleted My Book Reviews

    • Yeah. I always do a quick draft after reading books then I work on my reviews. For a while, I was just in shock trying to accept that I just did that. LOL. Hopefully, the newer versions are close to what I had.


    • Yeah I was really annoyed with myself for a while… I’m actually still working on them cause I took a break from writing reviews for a few days since I was feeling blah about what happened. I actually need to finish editing one of them by this Friday — Our Dark Stars. I just loved the way I had my review already for that and even though I have a draft written down, it’s taking me a while to get it back to what I had… at least as close as possible. Times like this I wish I had a photographic memory LOL.

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