Top Ten Tuesday – Best Books I’ve Read in 2018… So far


toptentuesdayHello loves!!! How are you all doing with your reading challenges? Are you behind or ahead? Well, I’m finally caught up with my Goodreads Challenge and slowly making great progress in my Netgalley TBR. Woohoo!! I’d say it’s about time to rave about some of my favorite reads in 2018. I usually choose books I know I’m going to enjoy and for the most part I really love a lot of the books I read. That’s why it’s always difficult for me to narrow down my list of favorites. But, if I had to choose right now… These are the TOP TEN  BEST BOOKS I’VE READ IN 2018… SO FAR.

Top Ten Tuesday, which was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and has been moved to That Artsy Reader Girl since January 16, 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Click the titles if you want to read my FULL REVIEW for each of the book.


Pen and Xander by Leaken Zea KempThis book is beautifully written, incredibly realistic and wonderfully affecting. It’s a story full of so much love – love for family, friends, food, culture and everything else worth loving. Be prepared to smile, to hurt, to laugh, to dream, to cry, to hope, and feel so many emotions. If you’re looking for a great book to add on your TBR, then I highly and with all my heart recommend you choose this book. I promise you’ll find something to love about Pen and Xander.

Our Dark Stars by Audrey Grey and Krystal Wade –  Our Dark Stars was such a blast and delightful read! There’s plenty of action, drama, conflict, and a cute swoony romance that had me completely glued to the pages. I really wish this was a series because I want more and I do think there could be another book or two… but the ending was more than satisfying and definitely left a huge smile on my face.

Traveler by S.E. Anderson – With an amazingly evocative and vivid writing style, chock full of humor, a thrilling storyline, quirky and multidimensional characters, and new adventures, Traveler is such a delightful read. I smiled, I laughed, and had the most wonderful and hilariously fun space travel experience. I definiely cannot wait where Sally, Zander, and Blayde will jump to next. Will they land at the wrong place at the wrong time again… or are they actually jumping to places they’re destined to be… Who knows?

Blood Type by K.A. Linde – This book sucked me in, stole my heart and left me breathless. There’s romance, suspense, humor, steam, and intriguing characters. Blood Type by K.A. Linde is without a doubt an awesome thrilling paranormal romance book. And that insanely wicked cliffhanger definitely had me thirsty for more. 

Where the Sea Takes Me by Heidi R. Kling – Where the Sea Takes Me by Heidi R. Kling is a wonderfully written story about second chances, hope, and love. The FEELS in this book… so ridiculously overwhelming that made my heart and soul ached. It was too much to bear sometimes, but I honestly enjoyed going on this emotionally moving and inspirational journey

Recovered by Jay Crownover – Recovered was such an intense, sexy, and amazingly affecting story. Jay Crownover managed to reel me in from the very first page and made me feel so many different emotions – love, helplessness, sadness, guilt, anger, confusion, hope, beauty, and SOOO MUCH MORE. This book was dangerously, but wonderfully addictive that I found it extremely difficult to put the book down. The writing was so damn beautiful! – Real, raw, gritty, evocative, and so full of heart. I never wanted the story to end, but at the same time I wanted to see Cable and Affton get to their happy endings.

Infraction by Rachel Van Dyken – Infraction is an amazingly well-written and wonderfully emotional story filled with heart-wrenching and charmingly hilarious moments, endearing and adorable scenes, and incredibly witty and lovable characters. I loved Fraternize, so I couldn’t wait to start reading about Miller and Kinsey… but, I honestly wasn’t expecting to fall ridiculously in love with Infraction cause really how do you top the sizzling chemistry, enticing writing, and all the awesomeness from the first book? Boy was I wrong… so wrong. Not only did I get to read Miller and Kinsey’s story, but I also learned more about Jax and had the best time catching up with Sanchez and Emerson. This book certainly exceeded all imaginable expectations I had and I fell in love page after page after page.

Kiss of the Royal by Lindsey Duga – This was a delightfully spellbinding read that kept me up late into the night! It was whimsical, fascinating, hilarious, and magical. It’s a wonderfully written YA fantasy story with exciting adventures, awesome fighting scenes, engaging characters, and swoony kisses. I loved this book and highly recommend to everyone who’s looking for something creative and fun.

Love Scene, Take Two by Alex Evansley – Love Scene, Take Two is delightfully sweet, incredibly funny, and absolutely swoony. With so much heart-melting FEELS, intriguing family drama, great friendships, and cute romance, this book is the perfect rom-com story you’ll want to read this summer. I smiled so much and swooned so hard that I know this fantastically fun book will always have a special place in my heart. I definitely cannot wait to read more books from this author.

Everything Under the Sun by Jessica Redmerski – The story and these characters made my heart hurt so much and had me in tears a few times. With a dangerously dark post-apocalyptic world that both terrified and intrigued me, a gripping and thrilling storyline that had me completely hooked, broken but lovable characters that I absolutely adored, and a delicious slow burn romance that had me swooning and aching in the best way, Everything Under the Sun was EVERYTHING I could hope for and more. It was absolutely addictive from beginning to end and I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

Have you read any of these? What are some of your favorite reads so far in 2018? Leave your comments down below.

As always, have a wonderful day and happy reading!!


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Best Books I’ve Read in 2018… So far

  1. 1) You’re very bad for my TBR and my bank account. Because I’ll practically be adding this whole list.
    2) Seriously Blood Type you had me sold immediately.
    3) So you’re saying Infraction was better than Fraternize? I don’t know why but the first one didn’t really land with me. Maybe I was in a weird mood.
    4) SHUT THE DANG DOOR J.A. Redmerski published a book under a different name and I did not know??? Tracking this book down ASAP!!
    5) Great list — per usual.
    6) Feel free to check mine out this week:

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    • Sorry about your bank account, but not sorry about giving you more books to read. Blood Type definitely surprised me and I honestly really love that series. I’m currently waiting for the 3rd book. The cliffhangers suck in the best ways. I definitely have my moods when reading too, so some books that people love, I won’t. I’m not familiar with Rachel Van Dyken and those two books were the only ones I’ve read from her and I really liked them. Infraction was better for me because the emotional aspect was… I guess more lol. I don’t even know who J.A. Redmerski is until I read Everything Under the Sun, but damn, I was really impressed and started looking into her other books.

      Checking out your post now =)


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  2. Every single one of these is new to me too, but based on covers and your description, I’m now interested in Pen and Xander, Where the Sea Takes Me, and Everything Under the Sun

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    • It was. I feel like I read a lot of books that I actually enjoy for different reasons so trying to choose is really difficult LOL. I feel like I can create a list of my top 50 reads every year. LOL


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