Disney Meet and Greets Part 1

Hello lovelies! Hope you’re all doing just great. As for me, well… let’s just say that it could be worse. Work hasn’t been that great lately, so I’m actually struggling to keep that at bay and not let it seep into my personal life. It’s very difficult not to think about and I’ve tried to distract myself by reading, but it’s just not working. I also have several blog posts that I’ve been trying finish up, but my mind is not into it at the moment.

So, instead of working on my reviews and other posts, I’m going to share with you something that makes me feel happy.

I LOVE everything Disney and one of the things I enjoy doing, even if I feel so awkward and shy about it, is meeting Disney characters. Actually, one of the things on my bucket list is to take pictures with all the Disney characters. I’m seriously the biggest kid at heart and whenever I’m at Disneyland, I feel like nothing in the world can go wrong. I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but being there always puts a smile on my face and just makes my worries disappear — even if it’s just for a little while.

Let’s take a look at some of the characters I’ve met…



I’ve seen Pinocchio a few times at Disneyland usually roaming around. However, this is the only time I was able to get a picture. He usually stops and entertains kids, so it was a good thing my friend’s daughter was with us.

Mr. Incredible



Met Mr. Incredible twice, but haven’t seen him since then. I guess I keep missing his appearances.



Stitch is one of the rare characters. I’ve only seen and met Stitch once and it seems like he doesn’t make anymore appearances in both parks. I believe you can only meet him at the Plaza Inn restaurant during breakfast and another restaurant in one of the hotels.



Tinker Bell


You can meet Tinkerbell and the other fairies at Pixie Hollow. I’ve seen Tinkerbell plenty of times and the other fairies too. However, years ago, they would have 2-3 characters there with Tinkerbell being the main star. Recently, it’s only been 1, so I tend to skip going there since you’re waiting under the sun for about 30-45 mins.

Minnie Mouse



Minnie and I are pretty much besties by now. I always try to see Minnie and get a picture whenever I’m there, so I have a bunch with her. She’s definitely one of my favorites to see.



I love seeing Pluto too! He’s so playful all the time.

Duffy the Bear


I believe you can no longer meet Duffy the Bear. Not sure when they stopped his meet and greets at Disneyland California Adventure Park, but I’m glad the boyfriend and I decided to take a picture with him. There was really no one in line and my boyfriend was telling he doesn’t know who the character was, but I insisted and pouted until he gave in. Haha!

Queen of Hearts 



I’ve seen her a few times and gotten pictures with her twice now. Such a sassy character to meet. She didn’t like that I was wearing Minnie ears, so she made me take it off and wanted to stomp on it.

Donald Duck



I love Donald! He’s the best and I love seeing him every time I go.

Chip and Dale


These two are just so adorable. Most of the time, they’re by themselves and you’d have to line up for both. I enjoy seeing them separately, but I absolutely love it when they’re together. They’re so fun and cute and my boyfriend’s faves.

Princess Ariel 


My boyfriend is not mad… he’s just really bored and annoyed and a bit embarrassed I made him take a picture with me. I’m super awkward here too because the princesses really interact with you and stay in character. I just get so shy I never know what to say haha.

Mickey Mouse


I have lots and lots of pictures with Mickey! Definitely try to see him every time I go, but sometimes his line can go over an hour and seeing him depends on my boyfriend’s mood. I also love seeing him in different outfits.


And last one with Minnie Mouse

11 thoughts on “Disney Meet and Greets Part 1

    • The princesses are so fun to meet! Disneyland gets super crowded, but I still love going. But compared to 6-8 years ago, there is definitely 10x more strollers parked every where… And the kiddie rides have really long wait times now. Like 45 mins to 1 hour or so. I remember going on the kiddie rides just to kill time haha.


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