Book Spotlight and Excerpt Reveal – Driven by Fire by Eden Rayna





Published: November 6th 2018

Publisher: FriesenPress

Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance

Paperback Format: 384 Pages





When Piper walks in on her boyfriend with another woman, she ends up alone, walking the highway leading into Fort McKay in Northern Alberta. Piper realizes how much she’s sacrificed for this relationship—her friends, her lifestyle, and most importantly, her career as a chef—and she determines to leave this small town behind and reclaim her independence. But when a semi-truck pulls up behind her and lurches to a stop, she fears her night is about to get worse.
Desperate for some respite from his gossip-worthy life, tech millionaire Brandon takes up long-haul trucking after a messy divorce. While driving into Fort McKay, he sees a woman walking on the side of the highway. Trying to be a gentleman, he pulls over and tries to offer her a ride. She refuses—yet the look in her eyes makes him feel protective of her at first sight.
When Piper and Brandon have a chance encounter the next day, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Neither is looking for love, but they end up spending a hot afternoon together. Brandon’s awaiting business in Edmonton and Piper’s newly-single mindset allow both to say goodbye quickly and get on with their lives. But wildfires raging in the area force Brandon to stay in Fort McKay, leading to a smouldering week with Piper. Despite Piper’s reluctance to depend on another man and Brandon’s determination not to fall in love, they both start to realize how incredible they are together. Piper opens up in ways she never knew possible, and Brandon remembers how it feels to love someone.
As the wildfires rage closer, evacuation orders pressure the lovers to decide on their future. Piper’s friend Danielle knows these two are falling in love and implores Piper to take a leap in this passionate relationship. But Piper has to make her own decision: Will she keep her promise to reclaim her independence, or will she follow Brandon back to his life in Edmonton?

Sometimes life is unfair. But sometimes, with a bit of luck, things work out in my favour. Before I get more than five steps away from the motel, I see her walk out of the grocery store. It’s like déjà vu all over again.

She is wearing skinny jeans and a flowing floral print t-shirt. The jeans show off her sensuous ass, accentuated by the slight flash of flesh that can be seen beneath her shirt that ends right at her waistline. The blessed wind ruffles the hem of her shirt and it lifts just slightly to allow her midriff to peak out. I instantly think of running my hands along her creamy skin, tracing a line with my fingertips from her belly button to her chin, then tracing that same path with my tongue. Her hair is loose around her shoulders and fluttering lightly in the breeze. Her natural beauty is mesmerizing. I need to remind myself to breathe.

Her arms are loaded with grocery bags and I can’t help but laugh. She either eats a lot or did some entertaining in her motel room last night. I instantly regret thinking that because I know that’s not her style.

I jog over to her. “Hey road runner,” I say when I catch up to her.

She jumps, startled by my voice right in her ear. She spins around to stand face-to-face with me. “You,” she says simultaneously statement and question.

“Me,” I respond, with a quick laugh. Isn’t that how our conversation started yesterday?

“What are you doing here?” she asks in a somewhat accusatory voice. I am taken aback. Was yesterday not a good time for her? Did I just imagine the multiple orgasms?

“Huh.” I blink. “I thought you might be a little happier to see me than that.” I scrub my hand over my chin. She doesn’t answer me and keeps on walking. I keep up with her, needing to know why I’m getting the cold shoulder today when yesterday she was smoldering hot.

“Hey, Piper. Did I do something wrong here?” She comes to a halt and turns to face me. I can tell she is choosing her words before speaking when she looks at me but says nothing.

“No, Brandon. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just surprised to find you back in town so soon. I figured you wouldn’t be back for a while.” She shifts the bags further up her arms, trying to redistribute the weight. “Or ever,” she adds under her breath.

“Is it bad that I’m still here?” I reach out as a gesture to help her with the bags but she shakes her head no. Too reminiscent of where we ended up yesterday I wonder? Is she embarrassed about sleeping with me yesterday? Ouch!

I watch her eyes follow my hand through my hair as I rake it back in frustration and see her pupils dilate. I see the pulse jump in her neck. Oh, that’s not it at all, I think. She liked the quick fuck more than she wants to admit. She told me she doesn’t normally do that sort of thing. I just may have opened her Pandora’s box.



Eden Rayna is an avid reader of romance novels. She knows women love a good love story—one with complex characters who face real challenges, like putting a job on hold for love, accepting personal weaknesses and strengths, and leaning on friends for open and honest advice. She is currently working on a spin-off that follows one of the characters from Driven by Fire. She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and two children.


IG: @edenrayna


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