Hello Bookish Friends!


divider3I know I’ve been incredibly inconsistent with this blog for quite sometime now. It’s just been so difficult to find the time to really get into this. I keep planning and writing out ideas and what not, but just when I think I can move forward, something always sets me back — work, mishaps, getting sick, and life in general. I really do love and enjoy being a blogger, but sometimes it does take a toll on me and I don’t know. I don’t want to miss actually living my life, enjoying moments with my family and loved ones, and having fun reading without worrying about deadlines and reviews. Yet, a part of me always misses blogging/writing when I’m on break. I miss the community, reading other people’s fun posts, and of course YOU! I guess I just really need to find a good balance. Focus on doing things on my own pace and time and not stress too much about not doing a meme or a tag, or even missing/forgetting to do my own segments. It may be challenging, but that’s what I’ll try to do. If I happen to be busy, then I’ll skip a day or two or more of blogging and try not be so hard on myself. I know I just sort of rambled, but just wanted to vent a little bit.

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Take care loves and talk to you soon!



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