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However Dark The Night
Philippa Cameron
Publication date: October 6th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

When Alex meets Erin, he doesn’t realize he’s fallen for her until it’s too late. And he can never let Erin find out how he feels because he’s an Oxy and she’s a Blue. In a world where the air has changed, leaving the Blues unable to breathe properly, the power is in the hands of those who can – the Oxys. Alex has much more to lose than just his heart, but how do you stop yourself from falling in love?

However Dark The Night is a contemporary novel in the Elements series. Each novel is a stand-alone book, linked by its connection to one or more of the elements – earth, wind, fire and water. However Dark The Night is linked to the element of air.

Also read The Day We Are Born, which is also a stand-alone book in the Elements series, and is linked to the element of water, and Every Move I Have Made, linked to the element of earth.

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I GOT away with it. When the final bell of the day goes, I hold myself back from tearing along the corridor, bursting out the door and sprinting down the road to the car I know will be waiting for me two blocks down. Still, I’m one of the first to reach the exit. The only problem is I don’t know how to get out. When I arrived this morning, I took the steps up to the school slowly, watching how the other kids waited in the booth and swiped their cards, a beat passing before the door swung them into the building. So I dawdle, as if I’m waiting for someone, watching the four students in front of me. They don’t make for the rotating door; instead, they step up to the large glass panel to the side of it, which automatically opens for them.  Ah. They don’t mind who leaves the school, only who comes in. Good to know if I ever need a speedy getaway. I follow the students out, down the steps, and we part ways as they swing to the left and head uptown. I cross the road at the light, casually glancing back at the school to note if anyone is paying me any particular attention. There is a rush of kids now, and in their uniform of grey and white, they don’t appear out of place against the starkness of the steel-and-glass building behind them, which looks more like an office block than a high school. Trinity Academy, to be exact, one of the best high schools in the north.  I don’t break my stride, which is steady but not too fast. I’m simply a kid happy to be out of school for the day, keen to grab a coffee down the street or browse the music store a block away. We’d checked out the area beforehand – mapped it, actually. If I think anyone is watching or following me, I am to stop off at the coffee shop or the music store, whichever is closest, and then make my way, using the subway, to the library on Fifth, and call for help from the public phone in the lobby.We are probably being paranoid but in these times, you need to be.  As it is, no one is in the slightest bit interested in me, but I still do some window-shopping, stopping and starting as I make my way down the two blocks. And there’s my mother in her car, asking me, as I slide in next to her, “You okay, Alexander?” and I feel stupid with relief, even though there’s no reason for her not to be there. Then a girl with long curly hair sways past us, and I have to force myself not to look back. It’s not Erin, I tell myself. It will never be Erin. 

Author Bio:

A little bit about me: I’m Philippa Cameron, the author of three Young Adult books. I love reading Young Adult novels. And books from other genres too. Any of them. All of them. Good thing, then, that I’m also a librarian..

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