Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Can’t Believe I Read



This week’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday is – Books I Can’t Believe I Read. I usually pick books I know I’ll enjoy, so there aren’t many books I don’t really like. I’m also never ashamed I read something because if I end up liking and loving it, then that’s what’s really important. That being said, there are plenty of books I’ve read and asked myself “Why am I reading this?”  Then thought — “Oh right…because there is something so damn good about this and I just can’t stop!”

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and has been moved to That Artsy Reader Girl since January 16, 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Here are the Top Ten Books I Can’t Believe I Read

(But ended Up Really Loving Them… and I’m Not Ashamed)


Addicted by Zane – My best friend recommended this book and told me that I HAD to read it. She lent me her copy and once I started reading, I was completely addicted…This book is part thriller, part romance, and part erotica. I didn’t think I would like it, but I was thoroughly invested in the storyline and characters. I’ve never read anything so engaging and exciting and had me on the edge. I just can’t believe I read this while a junior in high school. Not only was this my first very adult and very out of my comfort zone novel, but I went to an All Girls Catholic High School too. I mean I read those classics like Rebecca, Jane Eyre, To Kill a Mockingbird and such that dealt with sensitive issues, but they were definitely nothing like Addicted. The entire time I was reading, I remember teenager me feeling a little “guilty” for loving the book.

Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer – I was in college when the first movie came out and I honestly have not heard anything about the books. It was actually my brother that suggested we double date and watch the movie with our significant others. I remember asking why would he want to watch something with teenage vampires. I thought the whole idea was absurd that I didn’t even bother watching the trailer. I was more concerned with my own midterms, papers, and trying to graduate on time. Well, if you’ve been following me, you know how much I love this series. I watched the movie, loved it, and read the books. After poking fun at the idea, I can’t believe I read them all in a matter of days and during my midterms week too. Yes…we all know they weren’t the best books nor were they well-written, but I loved them then, and I still love them now.

Fifty Shades of Grey Series by E.L. James –  I was a bit unsure going into this and I’m not a fan of too much sex scenes… but I devoured this series!!! I was a teacher when I picked up the books and every chance I got (during recess, lunch breaks, P.E., and even when the kids were doing classwork), I would pull this out and read it. I can’t believe I was that obsessed, but I actually really like them… so much so that I read Grey and plan on reading the rest from Christian POV.



Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day – So after I finished Fifty Shades of Grey, I can’t believe I wanted to read something else that was similar. I stumbled on this series and immediately picked it up. I was completely hooked and remember really loving it. But I don’t recall all that much about the books which is why I also featured this in last week’s Top Ten Tuesday post.




All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – I love books that make me cry, but I don’t like going into books knowing I’m going to be sad and crying. That’s why I can’t believe I read this knowing that it would devastate me. BUT… this book was absolutely beautiful and I loved it.. even if it did break my heart.




Menace and Grievous by J.M. Darhower – I’ve been trying to read out of my comfort zone, but I can’t believe I actually read this… and really enjoyed it. It’s a Dark Romance with plenty of graphic violence, sex, and adult situations that may be offensive. I don’t mind it in movies, but it’s something I don’t think I would like reading. That being said, I was very unsure about Menace through most of the book… I was actually a bit uncomfortable, yet I could not stop reading. Towards the end, it was really good… like seriously sooo good that I ended up reading the sequel.


Hopeless by Colleen Hoover –  It’s very rare for me to read a book without knowing a little bit about it, so I can’t believe I just went blind with this one… BUT definitely no regrets! I don’t even think there are enough words to express how much I love this book.  I didn’t know it back then, but Colleen Hoover would become one of my favorite authors. Still, I can’t believe I read this knowing absolutely nothing. I read part of it during work so there were definitely a few restroom breaks because I didn’t want my coworkers to see my crying.



Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier – I’m not really a fan of historical fiction. Don’t judge, but history to me is boring… never liked it in school. But Ruby Red ended up in my book shelves because the cover is so pretty that I just had to have it. Then, I discovered Bookoutlet and found Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green, so I thought why not complete the series…  I eventually gave in and decided to finally read them. I’m so glad I did because I could not put the books down. I ended up really loving the series and is now one of my favorites (yes there’s a bit of history but not much).


Sparrow by L.J. Shen – I loved Vicious, so I decided to pick this book up. It’s another Dark Romance and when I read the synopsis — the words kidnapped, caged, and graphic violence should had me running the other way. But nope…There was a part of me that was very curious. I can’t believe that I wanted to read this one and actually finished it. Some parts were a tad bit much for me, but my overwhelming fascination had me glued to the pages. And while I didn’t love it as much as Vicious, I still enjoyed it.


Vicarious and Ferocious by Paula Stokes –  I love Paula Stokes, but I’m not too keen on mystery and thrillers.  It’s something I love watching, but when it comes to reading, I love adventure and fantasy and ROMANCE. But Vicarious went on sale on Amazon so I bought it just to support Paula Stokes. Months later, I signed up for Netgalley and was obsessed that I requested Ferocious without having read Vicarious. Turns out my obsession would lead me to this amazing duology. I never thought I would like mystery and thrillers… but I actually really do and I love this duology so much! Oh and there is a bit of romance that made me swoon…, but even if there wasn’t, I think this duology is absolutely fantastic!

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Which books can you not believe you read? Leave your comments down below.


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  1. I haven’t read many of the books on your list but I’m with you on Twilight and 50 shades. I absolutely devoured them and despite knowing they’re really bad absolutely love them. I did try Bared to You but never got past the first book

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